Social media message about bottled water in Qatar misleading: Ministry


الأحد، 15 أبريل 2018 05:57 م

The Ministry of Public Health said the bottled drinking water available in Qatar is completely safe to drink and it conforms to World Health Organization (WHO) and GCC specifications

The statement of the ministry,  posted on its  social media accounts, was in response to a message doing rounds on social media

The message said to have ranked the “best drinking water” based on their sodium content

The ministry said that the  “information  is misleading and  the sodium concentration in water has no health effect according to the WHO.  The WHO-stipulated  pH level is between 7 to 8.5, and the variation within that range has no bearing on health

The official said on Sunday the bottled water in the country meets international standards and the authorities does not allow distribution of bottled water that doesn’t meet the specifications

Ministry urged citizens and residents to obtain health information from official sources and not to circulate information from unreliable sources

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