Entertainment World Village opens its doors!


الأحد، 15 أبريل 2018 06:31 م

We shared a news on February 2017 that Entertainment World is about to open, however this was delayed and we had no idea when this was about to open

If you drove around the pearl-Qatar and Lagoona Mall in the past few days, you must have seen loads of colorful lights on at Al Qutayfiya Beach area

Entertainment World Village will have it's official opening on the 15th of April at 5pm and it's definitely a must visit with your friends and family. Especially while the weather is still good.
Here's some information you need to know!

Location:              Al Qutayfiya Beach area near Pearl-Qatar & Lagoona Mall
Direction:             You can enter towards Diplomatic Club and turn left
Timings:               4pm - 11pm on weekdays 
                             4pm - 1am on weekends 
Duration:              Open until May 12th
Entry Fee:             QAR 15 (from 2yrs old)
Ride Fee:              QAR 10 - 75
Card Fee:              QAR 2
Number of rides:   30+

At the registration desk, they will issue you a card, which you can top up for joy rides! If you are not brave enough for thrilled rides, don't worry! There are mild rides for you and younger ones too

There are also food stalls set up near the beach area so you can rest in between fun activities

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